WhitePaper: How a low-code platform can deliver you from legacy

Financial markets are still over-reliant on outdated systems that are kept on life support by an endless succession of integration projects. But what if you could use integration to shrink the functional footprint of these systems until they become simple enough to remain, or be phased out without disruption?

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    Agile Delivery

    James Ferguson, Head of New Business at Genesis, on how the low-code/ no-code platform is enabling firms to innovate alongside their incumbent legacy and vendor solutions. Avoiding large scale ‘rip and replace’ projects, with agile delivery of functionality precisely to the point of need.


    End of Year Wrap Up 2021 with Georgie and Stephen

    Georgie Barrat and Stephen Murphy wrap up a fantastic 2021, and look to whats to come for 2022.


    Genesis 2021 – We are all pioneers

    Genesis and our clients have had an incredible year transforming the IT delivery paradigm with "Buy-To-Build".


    Coding Black Females – Building a Modern IT Team

    Charlene Hunter, CEO & Founder of Coding Black Females gives a key note on the importance of CBF in the coding community, who it benefits and their partnership with Genesis.


    Bank of America – E-Platforms & CLO Innovation

    Bank of America's David Trepanier and Alex Naboicheck discuss how they are able to innovate and transform the CLO & Loan Trading industry with the Genesis Low-Code / No-Code Platform.


    Citi – Genesis Collaboration & Engagement

    Hear from Brian Bejile & Katya Chupryna from Citi on how the Genesis platform has been used to build and implement a new industry consortium platform.


    Google Ventures – Meet the Investors

    Tom Hulme, General Partner & Head of Europe at Google Ventures gives an insight on why they invested in Genesis Global, and their excitement for future of low-code / no-code.


    Accel & Salesforce – Meet the Investors

    Andrei Brasoveanu, Partner at Accel & Alex Kayyal SVP & Managing Partner at Salesforce Ventures share their insights on why Genesis, why now, and the game-changing world of Low-Code / No-Code for Financial Markets.


    Symphony – The Future of IT Development Panel

    A look back at the Industry Roundtable discussion between; Google Cloud, ING, Linux Foundation, Salesforce & Symphony on the collaboration, acceleration, education, and integration within their companies.


    Alpha FMC – Business & Tech Drivers

    Olivia Vinden, Director & Dave Nathan, Associate Director of Alpha FMC discuss how Low-Code / No-Code innovation is helping firms deliver digital transformation with a particular focus on investment, operations and IT delivery.


    ChinaFICC – Accessing Foreign Competition & E-Platforms

    Peter Best, CEO & Co-Founder of ChinaFICC discusses how the Trade Execution Platform uses Low-Code to unlock competition in a rigorous regulatory landscape.


    Celent & ING – Buy-To-Build Transformation

    Matt Rhys-Evans, Digital Lending Lead Director at ING & Brad Bailey Research Director for Capital Markets at Celent, discuss how they are using the Genesis Platform to move from a 'Buy Versus Build' to 'Buy To Build' approach.