Introducing Genesis’ Demo Zone

Learn how Low / No-Code solves both simple and complex Financial Markets Use Cases, enabling you to build and deliver purpose-built applications that meet regulatory and security requirements.

Suggested Content

  • Factsheet: Credit Insurance Application

    Learn about the CIA’s key features, augmenting standard internal processes with platform features such as connectivity to brokers and insurers.

  • WhitePaper: How a low-code platform can deliver you from legacy

    Financial markets are still over-reliant on outdated systems that are kept on life support by an endless succession of integration projects. But what if you could use integration to shrink the functional footprint of these systems until they become simple enough to remain, or be phased out without disruption?

  • 11:48

    Demo: Wealth Management Use Case

    James Ferguson, Head of New Business at Genesis, on the building blocks with the low-code/no-code platform that enable firms to innovate alongside their incumbent legacy and vendor solutions – with an example demo of a wealth management use case.

  • WhitePaper: Low-code goes to the core of innovation

    Financial markets firms want to use technology to create competitive advantage but are held back by legacy and the uneasy course they steer between build vs buy in their efforts to overcome it.

  • 08:04

    Portfolio Rebalancing Tool (PRT)

    Marina Matos, Senior Project Manager at Genesis gives a detailed demo of XP’s Portfolio Rebalancing Tool.

  • 12:05

    Trade Allocation Manager (TAM)

    A powerful, configurable way to automate the workflow of allocation handling, enrichment, and delivery of the final client confirmation.

  • 09:26

    Genesis & Citi Collaboration

    Stephen Murphy, CEO & Co-Founder of Genesis, joins a panel discussion with Katya, VP Strategic Investor of Citi, and Brian, Head of Loan Portfolio Trading at Citi, on the recently announced Octopus project and on transforming the Collateralised Loan Obligation Market using Genesis Low-Code / No-Code Platform.

  • 20:26

    Accessing Foreign Competition: Trade Execution Platform

    Learn how ChinaFICC’s is using the Genesis Platform and their Low-Code Trade Execution Platform to unlock competition in a rigorous regulatory landscape.

  • 11:34

    Smart Broker Router Demo

    See a showcase of BTON’s ‘Smart Broker Router’, transforming order management and broker execution.

  • 1:47

    What are New Industry Applications?

    The Genesis Low Code / No Code Platform is dedicated to financial markets, solving problems from highly complex event processing through to simple workflow and Business Process Management.

  • 12:04

    Credit Insurance Application (CIA)

    Learn about how ING built the CIA (The Credit Insurance Application) using the Genesis Platform, how low-code innovation is transforming the processing and workflow for loan underwriting.

  • 4:31

    The Excellerator

    The Excellerator platform tool turns complex spreadsheets into low-code applications. Eliminate manual workflows and data integrations with enterprise-grade, robust solution